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Friday, July 19, 2013

Talia Castellano: Her memory is a blessing...

This week, the world lost a very bright light to our mutual enemy, cancer.

Talia Castellano, a thirteen year-old girl, and YouTube sensation, had been battling cancer for over half her life. She used make-up as her wig, and her internet tutorials, some filmed from her hospital rooms, inspired millions of lives. Ellen Degeneres so admired this young girl's courage and determination that she started a campaign to have Talia made an honorary Cover Girl. Ellen succeeded, and Talia's face graced what will be some of the cosmetic company's most memorable advertisements.

Talia often said she would watch other YouTuber's videos to cheer her up, most notably those of Kandee Johnson. Kandee's warmth and joy radiate from her blogs and videos, and her tribute to Talia and her family was one of the most touching. See Kandee's tribute here.

Our hearts go out to Talia's mother, Desiree and her sister, Mattia. Though we feel the ache of loosing Talia, her life and her memory are blessings.

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