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Testimonials about Erica

First off, you assisted me with the obvious duties of a trainer: providing me with both an appropriate nutrition guide for my body type and metabolism and a rigorous set of exercises which targeted muscles throughout my entire body. You made everything easy to comprehend and taught me not just the routines themselves, but helped me understand why they were important. You patiently answered my many questions and encouraged me to achieve things I didn't think I'd be capable of on my own. I also never once felt like you treated me as just a client; you always addressed my progress as a friend would, which meant a lot to me. But more than all that, I think the most important thing you helped me with was giving me the confidence that I could follow the nutrition and exercise plan you taught me on my own, thus giving me the ammunition I needed to change my lifestyle for the better. 


Erica knows where you're coming from because she's been there. She's fought through the same struggles so many people deal with every day, so you know she truly understands where you're coming from, what you're feeling, and how difficult life changes are to make. She makes her nutritional and exercise recommendations straight forward, explains why she recommends what she recommends, and backs up everything she says current and relevant scientific findings. She helps me to live a healthier life every day by consistently encouraging and teaching me how to integrate healthy lifestyle choices into my busy schedule.  


Testimonials about Amie     

Think Pilates is just something your wife or mother raves about, that is just for women? Think again! Pilates is a challenging and fun kind of exercising which challenges your entire body in ways you never thought was possible. As a rugby and football player, Pilates was used to my advantage as building a stronger core and back. I wanted to be able to rely on a great core and strong back in the up coming seasons, and Amie made sure I got it. Don’t be mistaken by the pretty smile and positive attitude Amie gives. Although those are some of her positive attributes, she will put you through a rigorous workout to make sure you get farther than the accomplishments you anticipated. I HIGHLY recommend doing Pilates with Amie, you’ll get hooked like I was!

 Andrew Peterson

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