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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Back to School Time!

In the salon, we have been slammed with children needing their 'ears lowered' on account of this minor phenomena called school.  GASP!  It is that time already!!  Where on earth did summer disappear to?!

Today's post is devoted to the 'Back-to-School hair' and how you can start your new school year off fresh and feeling great about your appearance.  Everything seems to be last minute and you might feel unsure if you want to make a major change or a slight trim.  It is a big deal!  And most of the time, school pictures shortly follow the beginning of the year so everything hinges upon your appearance in that regard.  No one wants to have a picture where they regret the style or the haircut your mom just made you have.  For me, it was the big bangs.  I don't care how fashionable those bangs were; I am pretty sure that they just were a fab thank goodness.  I have graduated in creating height in a more socially acceptable fashion over the years.  That was an easy fix.

For the Ladies:
A new cut can make a huge impact.

A color can be a subtle way to enhance.
Accessories are awesome!

And for the Gentlemen:
The simple cut and comb over is still in fashion.
A fade with a little length on-top is very complimentary for those who want to use a little product and go.  Looks carefree and is very low maintenance.
As pinned by on Pinterest
Texturizing is always a great option for those with a lot of hair.
A little spike never hurts!

Back-to-school hair can be a fun endeavor.  You are relying on the cooperation of your child or teen, but nothing is wrong with starting the year on a positive note!  As a stylist, we make the experience fun for them...or at least we should!  The more they see it as a fun enjoyable experience the less likely they are going to oppose the annual hair cut.  Take everything in stride and have a great new school year!!

Catie Manning

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