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Friday, July 5, 2013

Pink and Steel Pilates

As Erica so aptly stated in her last post, cancer, and the residual effects of different treatment methods change your body. Since we are not bodies with souls, but souls with bodies, the effects of cancer can change our whole being, which is why her suggestion of journaling is so pivotal.

Another thing cancer typically affects is personal finances. Though there are numerous foundations set up to subsidize the cost of treatment and aftercare, financial assistance for certain types of rehabilitation programs and physical fitness is often overlooked. Until now.

As stated earlier, physiotherapists in New Zealand and Australia are at the forefront of rehabilitation for cancer survivors and have been integrating Pilates into their rehabilitation programs for many years. Pink and Steel Pilates are two foundations that have been set up to reduce, and in some cases, cover the costs of physiotherapy coupled with Pilates as a means to help survivors return to their fitness modality of choice.

The following are some great video testimonies of men and women who have benefitted from the program.

Open Doors-- Part 1 

Open Doors-- Part 2

If you know of any such programs in the United States or Canada, please . We are hoping to partner with a major Pilates organization very soon, to provide low-cost and complimentary Pilates lessons to survivors, and will keep you posted on those developments.

Stay strong!

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