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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Simplicity: Spicing-Up Short Hair

As for many of us, summer tends to be filled with lake time, special occasion events and parties.  Last summer, I had multiple weddings and functions to attend.   I have short hair and didn't want my hair to look the same in any of them, so therefore I had to enlist in my creative juices...what I have found?  A tube of red lipstick and finding the right products for my hair go a long way!   I needed to find the right products for the look I desired and the less effort put into the style the better.  Can you tell I am a style and go type of girl?

Over the years, I have worn my hair shorter and longer.  I tend to shake things up a bit.  My face shape is oval and I am very lucky to be able to pull off many styles with ease.  When am I feeling my best?  When my hair is short and tapered.  There is no fuss or mess to work with other than throwing a little product in it and blow drying it.

When your hair is so short, you really have to break out the creativity skills and enlist in products that are going to help you create the perfect style!  My go to product has always been Redken 12 Rough Paste.  LOVE that stuff.  The product will allow you to spike, mold, and manipulate your hair and as long as you use just a little it will not weigh your hair down.  I can sometimes go 2 days if the proper amount is used with minimal adjusting of strands on day 2 and polish it off with Kenra 25 hairspray.

Also, in having short hair, you might find yourself limited to how you can style it.  My hair is naturally wavy so I usually can tell when my hair is going to cooperate or not.  If it is curling up on me, I just go with it.  I throw my basic curly products which for me includes John Freida's Dream Curls, TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier, and a little Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Creme....scrunch and go.  It takes me maybe 10 minutes to do and then I am running out the door.  If it is flat and lifeless, then I can throw my 'It's a 10' Blonde Leave-in Spray, blow dry my hair then just briefly bump it under using my straightener to give it some volume.  Simple and painless, just the way I like it!  Finding the right products that work for your hair is a major key in keeping your hairstyle simple.  It cuts down on my time getting ready.  It is less work for me in the long run.

Another way to keep a short hair spiced up and looking different is utilizing headbands and clips. I love fascinators.  I love clips, bows, is the easiest way to dress up a short style.  For those who get headaches, there are elastic headbands to which are loose as to not squeeze too hard.  I have found those work best for longer events like weddings, graduations verse the traditional hard horseshoe shaped ones.  There is so much varieties out there.  All headbands, fascinators, headpieces are relatively inexpensive.  I like going to Claire's or The Icing.  (please see below)

Last way to spice up your short hair style--throw some hair color in it!  Color is 'infinity and beyond' as far as color selections go.  I tend to wear highlights or go red depending on what my mood is.  They are easy to maintain and is another really great way to shake up your style.  Your hairstylist will be able to assist you in what color would best suit your skin type and tone.  Hair color brightens up any look and helps compliment your skin tone and over all appeal.

Below, I wanted to share with you ways I have spiced my short hair up over the years.  You will see family, friends, and some random flair from over the years.  Please know, that I have quite the variety.  :-)  Remember, beauty knows no limits!

-Catie Manning

Short Red Hair...

Sleek and natural color...

Curly little number

Highlights, headband, and MJ's Bachelorette Party :-)

Family Christmas Picture

Add a little length and a Peacock feather...

Short, curly with a little sass I suppose...

Bird lady...

Chicago flair

Rock Star with a simple pony tail


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