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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Case of "The Mondays..."

My case of "The Mondays" began last night. At about 8pm, classic symptoms set in-- a knot formed in my stomach,  I had shortness of breath, jaw tension and a horrid case of wanting to crawl out of my skin.

So of course I stayed up far too late, trying my best to enjoy the last vestiges of my weekend.  Flash to this morning. Sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated and overzealous, I made my to-do list. It had 27 items on it, not including my actual job.

The wise part of me suggested I work out as soon as possible, so I'd have energy to deal with the 26 other things on my list, and then go to work. But of course, I procrastinated. Then The Mondays kicked back in, and I found myself hours from needing to be at work, not having worked out, and having only accomplished about a third of my list. Sadness.

How was I ever going to motivate myself to work out?!?!

Yes, fitness professionals do struggle with staying motivated, like the rest of the population. Granted, it was MUCH easier to stay motivated when I lived in Orange County. The beach, a studio or gym on every corner, hiking trails, SUNSHINE. It was easy and fulfilling to work out every single day. But here in Chicago, where summer seems to be on sabbatical this year, and there are 27 things on my Monday to-do list, working out seems like an impossible task.

I then recalled some advice from my mentor Rael and my former kettlebell trainer, Aidas. Rael runs an international company, is a talented artist, scientist and athlete, and has a family. Aidas was in the Lithuanian military.  Two distinctly different individuals. Two very different pieces of advice.

Rael's advice: "Make a playlist. I cannot train without music...also realize that not every workout will be an amazingly spiritual experience...sometimes it is just a workout." "And walk...walking is powerful..."

Aidas's advice: "You think too Pilates people are always in your heads...don't think, just do." Another tip was written on one wall of the gym, in what would appear to be blood spatter: "WE SHARE PAIN, NOT FEELINGS!"

Enough said. I made a playlist, stopped thinking and started moving. My workout is now done. I did not achieve a PR was only a workout--but I did it!

Now off to work. And thankfully, I'll most likely have tommorow to tackle the rest of my list.


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