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Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is the day where everyone thinks of conversation hearts, flowers, chocolates, hot dates and romantic sentiments.  I mean, even my Pandora has added stations to set the mood....

Pandora's email to me this morning...
So, tonight is a special night.  Are you going out?  Staying in?  Today, I am going to give you some small, but festive ways to sport Valentine's Day whether you decide to get dolled up or stay in your pajamas.

Roses are red...
I love roses as most girls do.  So why not incorporate them into a hair style!  You don't have to do something outrageous to look chic.  These are just felt rosettes on a clip.

I found this on

Violets are blue....
Right now, pastel eye color palettes are all the rage!  MAC and Cover Girl have their pastel shades out just in time for spring.  If you are wanting a little more dynamic make-up this evening, consider using violet eye shadow to accent your eyes.  A little can have a brilliant affect and go a long way.  Light eyes are perfect for evening.

Look found on
Here is another beautiful palette that you might consider:

You are beautiful...
Whether you are celebrating this holiday with a significant other, with friends, or just simply chalking it up to another Friday in is always a good reminder to look in the mirror and genuinely realize all of the qualities you possess that makes you awesome!  Remember there is only one you.

I hope you believe that too!
You don't need one day to feel special in my book.  You should feel special everyday!  Life is about the little things, you know...

Happy Valentine's Day,
Catie Manning

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