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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pilates: Know Before You Go

Greetings, Blog Friends!

I've been addressing these posts to the Pilates novice. My hope is that if you've not tried Pilates, you'll give it a try. If you're terrified of trying Pilates, I alluded to the fact that you should absolutely do your homework when searching for a teacher, and that you should take a few private lessons with a well-trained teacher prior to joining a group class.

I'm including a link to a fun news clip from this past weekend, featuring my mentor teacher, Rael Isacowitz, and my friend, the amazing Lisa Hubbard. In it, Rael makes mention of these two things, namely being afraid to try Pilates for the first time, and the fact that finding a well-qualified teacher is paramount to your enjoyment of and success in Pilates.

As I've mentioned, it took me many years of research, study, practice and teaching to find what works for me. My earnest hope is that you will TRY Pilates. It rocks SO MUCH and makes you better at everything else you do. Please let me know if you have specific questions regarding the work. I am a teacher; I thoroughly enjoy answering questions!

Before I close, there is one other thing Rael mentions in this clip: Pilates was invented by a man, originally only for men! Stay tuned - there are some surprises coming up in June (just in time for Father's Day)! You'll going to hear from more men who do Pilates!

Happy practicing!

P.S. Click here for some of Rael's videos available on Amazon, and here for Lisa's!

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